Michal Grall was born in 1982 in Poland. Throughout first years of his musical career, he was active in Metal underground and played in few local bands.

Everything started to emerge more quickly when Michal joined band Manslaughter back in 2008. Band is active since then and will soon release 3rd album

In 2014 Michal Grall joined Trauma, legendary polish Death Metal band.

In 2018 Michal joined dutch Sinister, with whom he recorded 14th studio album “Deformation Of The Holy Realm” and give numerous shows around the globe.

In 2019 Michal joined Unblessed Divine, where he plays the guitar and makes fx

2021 is the date when Corpse Chamber was formed, with Michal as main composer

Michal Grall is also a vocalist and keyboard player of bands The Black Disorder and Dreamsabyss.